Solar-Project of Kishumundu Secondary School

Aim of the project

We like to substitute Kerosene Lamps by Solar -LED-Lamps.


Why do we want to do this?

  1. Using a Kerosene Lamp is very expensive. It cost about 200 TSch (Tanzanian Schilling, 200 TSch are approximately 10 US cent) per day.
  2. Kerosene Lamps produce harmful and bad smelling combustion gases.
  3. They are not very effective. They are not very bright and produce a lot heat.
  4. In contrast to Kerosene Sun light cost nothing - it´s for free.

Our solar project is using the Moneysafer Solar Lamps of the german company Villageboom.



UPDATE: The Villageboom LED-Lamp has been improved over years. In the current (grey) version of the lamp it produces about 1,5-times the light compared to the old (orange or green) version. 


A more detailed description of our project is found in the Presentation below:


Dr. Bauer and Mr. Nzao explain the function of a solar panel in one of their seminars about electricity generation by solar panels.

Handover of the first solar LED-lamp to a solarscout of the new solar project of the school.


This internet pages were created by Gregory Kyara and Dr. Michael Bauer at Kishumundu Secondary School (20 th of august 2014).